Yesterday me and oaklynn got baby bunnies. Oaklynn is albino she does not know what to name hers but she calls her bunny bun bun. My bunnies’ is named coco she has brown on her back and brown around her eyes.

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My yard

Right now my uncle is building a fence so our goat and chickens don’t keep coming to the front yard. My mom and dad wanted to put the fence up so they don’t have to keep bring the animals back into there pens. The chickens normally stay in the back yard unless the gate is open. Some of the new chickens are not use to being in a pen so they can get out one of the rosters is still a baby kind of so he does not like being in a pen.

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my goat

My goat is about 3 years old and his name is Apollo. Somehow he gets out of his pen. When he gets out of his pen he goes straight to the door and try’s to open it but he can`t. Every time he is out of his pen and my dad goes outside he will follow my dad everywhere.




this is what Apollo looks like but he has white he is taller  and he has no horns really.

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My Eagle sneak peek

Halloween night

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Coral she was four years old she lived in the deepest darkest forest she had no family they all got split up. When this crazy old man came up very quietly and got all her family her mom her dad her sister and her little brother. When that happened she was very terrified she hoped and hoped that the old man would never come looking for her and he hasn’t yet…..



funny memes







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I have three dogs and their names are Roxy Solders and Willow. Willow is the craziest dog we have. She is a very lite lite brown. Roxy is my favorite dog we have and then Solder and Willow are both my second favorites.

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